Jersey Devil

Jersey Devil

Jersey Devil

Hey OHMily my name is Natalia (@nataliatroszynska) and I have an idea for a dangle bead representing one of the most mysterious and famous cryptids - Jersey Devil.

From childhood, I was fascinated by everything supernatural, mysterious and magical. To this day, nothing has changed in this regard. I hope there are more fans of amazing creatures and together we will be able to bring to life another cryptid in the OHM Beads collection.

The Jersey Devil is most often described as a two-legged, long-necked horse-like creature with membranous bat wings and legs ending in hooves. The upper limbs are tipped with sharp claws. It has a long tail and red and glowing eyes. He also lets out a shrill scream, similar to a human one. According to local legends, the New Jersey Devil was born as the thirteenth child of a witch and cursed by his own mother. Then he turned into a devil and flew down the chimney. To this day, he lives in the Pine Barrnes forests and spreads fear among the inhabitants.

I wish that thanks to this mysterious creature, we could be transported together into a world of dark mystery and magic, where nothing is strange enough that would not be possible. Maybe together we can unravel the mystery of the Jersey Devil.

Guys let's give the devil a chance to join his cryptid family, which already includes Nessie and Yeti. I hope that together we will be able to bring this legendary creature to life.

I think the best solution for this design is to make it as a larger pendant on a large circle attached to the top of the monster's head so that it does not hook its horns against other beads and glass while wearing it. Thanks to the fact that it will be a pendant, it will also be possible to present all the details of the devil's appearance, such as wings and tail, and they will not interfere with wearing the bead. In addition, it will be possible to wear it not only on a bracelet, but also as a pendant on a chain. The OHM sign will be stamped on the back of one of the wings, which will add even more mystery to the bead, looking like a magic symbol.

Target price: $80-100

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