Inner Ghoul (Beadmas 2022)

Inner Ghoul (Beadmas 2022)

Inner Ghoul (Beadmas 2022)

Submitted by Aali as part of Beadmas 2022 design team contest.

What is this design?
Our Bead is called Inner Ghoul. It is a cute little pumpkin bead that is dressed up and ready for Halloween but gets scared by a pair of skeleton hands trying to scoop its guts out!

Inner Ghoul is a silver bead encasing a glass bead that is orange with green glow in the dark and elements.

We have incorporated some flourishes on the bead **inspired by Dia De Los Muertos **and there will be cutouts for the glass to show from within.

How is this design important to you?
"The inspiration behind this bead are three iconic OhmBeads; Deadhead, Trick or Treat and Inner Self. These are all beads I wish I had in my collection but unfortunately I started collecting after they were retired. I also love Halloween!
We had an incredible team that worked together and helped design this ohmazing bead and we can’t wait to see it come to life! "

How did your team come up with this design?
What is more quintessentially Halloween than a Jack O Lantern! So with that as a base and some older OhmBeads as our inspiration we brainstormed what we envisioned the bead to be.

Target MSRP $100 or more


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