I Less Than Three Ours

I Less Than Three Ours

I Less Than Three Ours

ARTIST BYLINE: by Tran Thieu Cam

Price Range: $88

this design is very important to me because I am a part of LGBTG+, and I want to tell to my family that I am still their good child, a great person whoever I am.

Hi Ohmies, My name is Cẩm, so my design is rainbow heart glass bead with the message "I less than three ours" instead of "I less than three you" for LGBTQ+ community to support, and honour them who are very brave to face with their family, friends and society. They are deserved to be repected in this world.

The price of this bead is 88$, I take 19 + 69, 1969 is the year that Stonewall Riots happened, a historic point for LGBTQ+ community.

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