Humpty Reconstructed

Humpty Reconstructed

Humpty Reconstructed

Hi OHMily! 

My name is Tani (@aplseed) and I would like to see my Humpty Reconstructed idea made into a bead. He is a good egg. Just a little broken and patched up even if some things are not quite what they used to be.

The bead would be in a shape of an egg with a man's legs and arms. The egg cracked and pieces broke out. The mouth, ears, and eyes are all mixed up. And legs and arms off-kilter slightly. I imagine him wearing pants with a belt. A big set of lips in a turned-up smile.

I think this bead would be funny, I find its meaning very humorous. Hope it brings a smile to your face.

Vote for Humpty Reconstructed to be created to join the Alice in Wonderland collection.

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