Huggie (Beadmas 2022)

Huggie (Beadmas 2022)

Huggie (Beadmas 2022)

Submitted by Olya Ro as part of Beadmas 2022 design team contest.

What is this design?
A Bear in the Armchair

How is this design important to you?
This bead is a tribute to Hug Me bead, who found a safe home and can be in peace. A heart eye and a heart button as a loving accent, tea mug with ohm logo for coziness.

How did your team come up with this design?
We were talking about different dangles, one of them was a rocking armchair and… the idea of putting Teddy Bear in it appeared, it seems Rixi was the first who said it. Then when we were drawing it with Vera and decided to try a vintage armchair, I said “let’s try Hug me, I feel like him now”. and that’s how Huggie was born.

Target price Less than $50

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