Grow A Pear - Not Funded

Grow A Pear - Not Funded

Grow A Pear - Not Funded

Hi OHMily. My name is Jenya  (@JennyAtOHM) and I have an idea for a juicy bead :)

I imagine a bead in a shape of a pear with a sign reading "grow a pear". I imagine it would be possible to make this bead without engraving too. 

Sometimes you have to grow a pair - scratch that - a pear. This bead would represent courage, determination, and fearless nature. Also gardening and my love for juicy pears :)

You can do anything; fear should not stop you if you want something. Grow a pear means becoming courageous enough to follow your dreams and take action without hesitation. 

If you like this idea and want to see it in a bead form please back it up! Thank you for reading :)

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