Gem Treasures

Gem Treasures

Gem Treasures

Update from 1/11/2023

This design was 100% backed last year and we have been working on the prototype ever since. From Myra's sketch we took it through a few design stages from modeling to printing to casting, all while adjusting the size of the bead, as well as shapes and positioning of the gems.

The end model is close to what Myra imagined but not quite. What we and Myra discovered during this process is that based on the original sketch to really bring out the definition of each gem the size of the model should be a lot larger. Which would bring the estimated price up by a lot as well. Because the description and meaning behind the bead is about the gems and hidden treasures within each and everyone, we and Myra think that the end result we have in our hands is lacking details it deserves and you, the backer, would probably expect the same.

We have explored different upgrades to this design from scaling it up (a lot bigger!) or even replacing gems with the actual gemstones or CZs. All this would require a brand new Fund Me campaign where we would estimate the size and the price accordingly.

We would like to hear the voice of OHMily to help guide this process.

What do you think we should do? Let us know on Instagram @ohmstudio2go or comment in our OHM Fund Me channel on Discord.


Hi OHMily! 

My name is Myra  (@chengggg_designs) and I have this idea for a bead design that means so much to me.

Have you ever wondered how well you know yourself? What makes you unique and what makes you different from the rest?

Try to answer these questions and you will discover that there are more hidden traits and qualities, which you can be proud of. These are all valuable. They are your very own treasures which you take with you, wherever you go. I wanted this design to remind you of that fact.

If these thoughts resonate with you, please support my bead idea and help me bring it to life.

Thank you!

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