Galaxy Panorama

Galaxy Panorama

Galaxy Panorama


Price Range: $65

I love celestial designs and I can never have enough. I think space is beautiful and thought provoking. I find it both comforting and unsettling. I have recently fallen in love with a Panorama bead and was thinking that this would be an interesting addition to that collection but would also fit nicely into the Space Collection. Just imagine a cosmic or spacey glass nestled in this design.

Galaxy Panorama would be designed in the same way as the other Panorama beads but include many icons similar to previous Ohm bead designs. This piece would be a nice addition to the Space collection. It would include the sun, stars, planets, a UFO, luna, and a rocket ship. I think it would be neat to have the solar system side of the disc on the Balance bracelet be the bottom of this Panorama bead. It is a map of our solar system after all!

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