Forever Ohm

Forever Ohm

Forever Ohm


Price Range: $40

This bead was inspired by Bead Mail AAX100G. Getting a package is so exciting. The anticipation, the delivery, the opening. Go ahead and try it on. This postage stamp could be a good accompaniment to your new bead mail on a necklace or bracelet. Ever better is beadmail between friends. It brings us closer to other bead collectors all around the world. This little momento reminds us of all our exciting and most special deliveries.

Forever Ohm is a silver postage stamp dangle with the words FOREVER and OHM. Also on it is an Ohm Beads symbol and/or a heart shape made of Ohm Beads symbols. It could be double sided or made to be a blind bag between the two designs (and in that case it would be plain on the back).

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