ARTIST BYLINE: Riane @rianemsussman

Price Range: 120 +?

In a sleepy meadow not far from here, a small but mighty fairy is hard at work. Its the vernal equinox and Flora has a job to do.
She holds her hands in front of her,
revealing a small seed. As she begins to
wield her magic the seed starts to flourish
wrapping a vine around her. Flowers burst
from the tendril, spreading down to her
feet. The meadow slowly fills with a
rainbow of life!

Her wings are fig leaves. Which are one of the oldest living trees. Figs have been used throughout history to symbolize love, fertility, abundance and success.

Flora herself is a representation of my love for plants and fairies! She is also a homage of a fairy from a movie called Fern Gully. One of my favorite movies growing up, and I believe also fueled my interests and love for nature.

My original sketch and an AI enhanced version.

A special thank you to Leslie @meditatingmedusa for encouraging me to draw this, after I was her plant fairy!

A dangle charm in sterling silver. Maybe about .75 inches or possibly bigger.

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