Price Range: $70

I've always wanted a pendant like this. Maybe I saw when was I young as it stood out to me. I have seen similar ideas out there but they are always a curved tear drop or just not as large as I am envisioning. It would be really awesome to finally get something that I have had in mind for a very long time and maybe others would like it too! I love that it can be whatever you want. It's simplicity lends itself to an elegant statement piece. Sometimes the seemingly simple can be the most beautiful and organic.

This would be a substantial solid sterling silver pendant. The shape is that of a droplet (i.e. lanceloid, 3D pear shaped). The size would ideally be 2.5-3 cm long and about 1.5cm at the widest point. This simple design lends itself to elegance and versatility. What does it represent to you: a dew drop, water drip, blood drop, tear of joy? It can be many things or simply a cool pendant. I want it to have a nice weight to it so it falls naturally when worn.

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