Dreamcatcher Version 2

Dreamcatcher Version 2

Dreamcatcher Version 2

PROJECT NAME: Dreamcatcher version 2
ARTIST: Yasmin Marie

MAP: $40-$60

Dreamcatcher with open cut out back.

I love dreamcatcher beads and pendants, they are so beautiful. I love the detailed dreamcatcher designs but I wanted to design one that was a little less detailed but still pretty. This version has an open back so you can see the bracelet through the bead.

The stone in the center gives it a bit of sparkle which compliments the design. I would move the thicker feather that is currently on the left and put it in the center. That is a slight floor in my design.

I released a similar design as a pendant, but I think for Ohm it would be better as the bead :).

I would love to see how Ohm interprets this design and bring it to life!


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