Carnotaurus Skull

Carnotaurus Skull

Carnotaurus Skull

PROJECT NAME: Carnotaurus Skull
ARTIST BYLINE: Myra Cheng Moon

MAP: $60-$80

The design I had in mind would look just like the skull head of a Carnotaurus. It is a similar type of bead like the dinosaur/prehistoric skulls which OHM has created before. Hence, it can be worn either on the ball chain necklace or on a bracelet. The horns of the skull especially will make the bead unique enough in the skull series and a nice addition to the RAWR collection.

Dinosaurs themselves are very fascinating and mysterious creatures. We've never seen them before in real life (luckily haha), but we do learn more about them partly through their details, build and structure of the bones. The Carnotaurus(=meat-eating bull) was one of the carnivores which I first noticed in a Jurassic World movie. Loved his appearance with the two horns. He looked very unique and intimidating at the same time and just like that, he made a big impact on me. A dinosaur to remember for sure! If you love dinosaurs and the RAWR collection as well, give a thumbs to make it happen!


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