Can Tab

Can Tab

Can Tab

Hi OHMily! My name is Sarah (@dreamkinn) and I have a fun idea for a versatile Ohm piece - a can tab.

This little aluminum tab could be reimagined into a slightly smaller sterling silver version! It could be a great clasp, a cute bead/spacer on a bracelet, unique earring charms, or even strung on a necklace.

When I was in high school my friends and I would play this silly ABC game with our soda cans. The game is you would flip the tab up and down saying the alphabet. Whatever letter the tab falls off on is the initial of your future boyfriend/girlfriend. If we were lucky enough for it to come off on the initial of the person we had a crush on we would keep it, stringing it on a necklace or shoelace. Nostalgic!

For this Fund Me idea, I am thinking of a silver tab about 2cm x 1cm and as thin as possible, to mimic a real aluminum can tab. This could be adjusted for logistical purposes if it goes into production. This can tab could represent your favorite drink (soda, sparkling water, beer, etc.).

I think this versatile piece would be a really fun and quirky addition to your Ohm collection. It would be a unique fashion statement similar to how paperclips or safety pins make their way into jewelry.

The pictures I am adding give you an idea of how it could look! But the real piece would be slightly smaller.

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