Bless You - Not Funded

Bless You - Not Funded

Bless You - Not Funded

Submitted by Jenya OHM @jennyatohm

It is a head of Buddha. This idea is controversial, because most buddhists don't find the heads lucky or attractive. I do like it and I want it.

I like this image and it means a lot of things to me. It represents good luck and blessings, also buddhist wisdom and one of my favorite cities on earth, Bangkok. If you like this and would wear this please back me up.

The head of the giant Buddha is from Bangkok's Wat Paknam Phasi Charoen Temple. It looks down on Bangkok, blessing it and just being there in the moment looking at it. It represents patience and wisdom and tranquility. I find it very beautiful. I just want the head made into a bead, without shoulders.

Target price: $60-$80

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