Balance or Yin Yang ☯️ glass

Balance or Yin Yang ☯️ glass

Balance or Yin Yang ☯️ glass

ARTIST BYLINE: Leslie meditatingmedusa

Price Range: $55

I have loved Asian art most of my life. The copy paste from internet:
“In Chinese philosophy, the union of yin and yang is a state of equilibrium. The yin–yang model captures the idea that there are no opposites—there is no absolute borderline between black (yin) and white (yang); a dot of yin exists in yang, and a dot of yang also exists in yin.”
For me, it is the balance, and no absolutes in all things, the give and take. The middle ground, no extremes. Keeping grounded and balanced ideally. Something I strive to do every day despite the imbalance in my circumstances.

Blue glass a with black and white Yin Yang symbols and a flourish of pink (could be OHM swirl). Universal core glass.

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