Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael


Price Range: $80-100

I am a big fan of the OHMbead "Archangel Mikael" and I would like company for him. The archangel Gabriel is not only found in christianity, but also as „Israfil“ in islam (in islam Israfil stands for death and resurrection) and as „Saraphiel“ in judaism. Raphael comes from the Hebrew "rapha'el" or "raphach" and means „God heals“.

Raphael is regarded as the angel of healing, science and knowledge. Therefore he is also the patron saint of the sick and pharmacists, as well as the patron saint of travellers. He is considered the friendliest and funniest of the archangels.

Spiritually Raphael stands for illness, (emotional) healing, security, transformation and renewal. He is assigned to green in the color spectrum. The gemstone assigned to him is malachite.
He is often depicted with three pairs of wings. So my concept has three pairs of wings, with the inner pair of wings he holds a staff, which symbolizes the journey. The middle pair of wings gives his body a heart shaped outer line which stands for emotional healing. The opening for the bracelet goes through the outer pair of wings, as with mikael.
He is often depicted with a walking stick and a bag.

Like Mikael, my design shows a mask that covers the face, but here in the shape of a cross. this should not stand for christianity, but for the symbolism of healing as in the international red cross. Unfortunately I can't draw better.

The archangels all have male names, but i personally see them as genderless or supergendered. Interestingly, for example, in Botticini's painting "Tre Angeli e Tobias" from 1470 they look both male and female.

A silver bead in a similar size and form as „Archangel Mikael“

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