Archangel Gabriela

Archangel Gabriela

Archangel Gabriela


Price Range: $80-100

If this idea reaches the fund me phase, I would like to donate my "commission" directly to the UNO /UNHCR refugee aid. We need the helping angels to give refugees a new start and a future. Thank you to everyone who wants to support this project!
This is my design for Archangel Gabriel(a). Gabriel is the annunciation angel. Since his core competency is delivering and making messages known, he is considered the patron saint for professions involving communication and telecommunications, for example for postal workers, moderators, diplomats, but also for garbage workers. He stands for new beginnings, clarity and purity, which is why the color white is assigned to him. Among other things, the precious stones rock crystal and rose quartz are associated with it. This archangel is sometimes depicted with very feminine features. So I like the thought that maybe his name is not Gabriel but Gabriela.
The archangel Gabriel is often depicted with a white lily because this flower reflects his character, the innocence and clarity. Therefore „my“ Gabriela also carries a Lilly in her hands. I want to represent the face with a stylized mask resembling a wound bandage, because „my“ Angel cares for everyone regardless of their looks, their age or their heritage. The Bead should be same size as the existing OHM design „Archangel Mikael“.

A silver bead similar to the „Archangel Mikael“ design

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