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Start Dreaming & Make Something Today

Already have a CASTING & FINISHING CREDIT? Grab a READY TO CAST and prepare to ship your wax back to the OHM Studio!


Welcome to OHM STUDIO 2 GO.

Are you ready to enjoy a moment of OHM?

There is a vast world of possibilities in creation! Have you been wondering about how your favorite beads come to life? Have you ever dreamed of making a bead yourself? With OHM STUDIO 2 GO you can take part in the magical artistic process of lost wax jewelry design.

At OHM we believe there is an artist within everyone and you can discover yours through the process of bead making. It's time to play. This program is available worldwide.

You can follow everyone's creations on social media. Watch the hashtag #ohmstudio.

What is OS2G: OHM STUDIO 2 GO? How does it work?

A jewelry making experience delivered to your door.

  1. OHM will send you a wax project to OHMkenstein yourself.

  2. When you are ready, send the wax creation back to the OHM STUDIO. 

  3. We'll cast it, finish it, polish it, and send it back for you to enjoy.

Share your project photos online with the hashtag #ohmstudio.


Purchase à la carte casting & finishing credits. Is this your first time? Don't forget to grab a Starter Kit!

Connect the dots • Unleash the weird

  • Resale of the provided waxes is prohibited.
  • You agree not to self cast or copy the waxes provided.
  • All sales are final. Returns are not available on OS2G items.
  • OHMbucks are not available for use with the OHM STUDIO program.

  • Subscriptions Now Closed
    Subscription Policy
    • *Shipping fees are free for US based customers on monthly subscription boxes. Otherwise, international shipping charges will apply. 
    • **Starter Kit is not required, but strong encouraged as you'll need the tools to begin to play. 
    • ***Starter Kit shipping fees are calculated based on location.
    • Subscriptions auto renew each month on the 1st.
    • Subscriptions may be canceled at any time by visiting your subscription management page (check your account profile, you must be logged in). You may reach out to us via support@ohmbeads.com before the next charge in processed if you have any questions. 
    • Subscribe BEFORE the 28th in order to get the current month's subscription box. Subscriptions placed after the 28th are for the following Month's box.


    • Is the Starter Kit required?
    • No. But sort of yes. Maybe you already have the tools you need because you are restarting after taking a break. The starter IS required for each NEW customer who signs up for a first time subscription box.
    • When will the subscription be processed?
    • New Subscriptions are unavailable at this time. Orders will be processed on the 1st of each month, and shipped shortly after that.
    • What happens to the wax when I send it back?
    • We will cast it to your specifications based on your READY TO CAST submission. The Lost Wax casting process does NOT guarantee your wax design will survive! Loss is all part of the process. If your design is unsuccessfully cast your casting & finishing credits will be credited back and a new complimentary wax kit will be sent to you. (Replacement wax pieces may vary.)
    • How do I send my wax back for casting?
    • If you don't yet have any casting & finishing credits you can purchase them here. If you have credits already or are ready to cast immediately, check out with the READY TO CAST item for each item you want to return. Information about shipping the item back will be emailed to you. 
    • Can I upgrade my subscription?
    • You may view "Manage Subscriptions" to see available options. 
    • How many grams of silver is a casting credit?
    • You can purchase a casting & finishing credit or one may be included in your subscription.

      • One casting credit is good for a cast up to 5g of silver.

      After we review your returned wax design, if we anticipate your wax will be more than 5g, we will reach out to you to find out how you would like us to proceed. Items over 10g would be quoted based on the design.

    • How to know how big my bead is?
    • To estimate the weight of your finished item use a gram scale with an accuracy up to 1/10 of a gram. Weigh your finished wax bead, and multiple by a factor of 10 for the approximate gram weight of silver. This will vary based on waxes used in the mold and if there are any sprue attachments that will need to be accounted for.
    • Do my casing credits expire?
    • No.
    • How can I claim my casting & finishing credit?
    • Prepare and pack your wax in the provided tin (in the Starter Kit). To let us know you are ready you can purchase one READY TO CAST item for each wax you are planning to send back. We will send you a label to ship your wax back to us.
    • What is a sprue? Do I need to add one?
    • Sprues are passageways through which metal enters a mold. The precise location, shape, length & quantity of each sprue is vital to the quality of casting. We will sprue your wax design once we receive it. This is a rod of wax that is used to "feed" the lost-wax cast of your bead with molten metal. Some wax parts you will receive may have sprues attached. These can be used to hold the design while working on it. If you can leave these attached it will be a higher success rate of casting. You may remove any sprue of course and we'll determine the best place to add one.
    • Can I try it out?
    • You can test it out with a sample project. Make sure to grab the Starter Kit (required) so you have all the tools you need to try it out.
    • What if I run out of wax?
    • Can you purchase a la carté projects or additional playtime boxes.
    • Can I send back multiple items at once? Or can I send them back in any order?
    • Yes! You can save up items and ship together, or you can cast one item a month. It is up to you. And you can send back projects in any order you like.