Pumpkinhead (Vengeance Demon)

Pumpkinhead (Vengeance Demon)

Pumpkinhead (Vengeance Demon)

ARTIST: Natalisis

Price Range: $100 or more

From childhood, I was fascinated by everything supernatural, mysterious and magical. To this day, nothing has changed in this regard. I hope there are more fans of amazing creatures and together we will be able to bring to life this amazing creature that will be perfect for any horror fan and for a Halloween themed bracelet.

Hey OHMily my name is Natalia and I have an idea for a bead depicting Pumpkinhead demon from „Pumpkinhead” movie series. I think that both the head of the monster in the form of a bead and the presentation of the whole figure in the form of a pendant would be perfect.

Pumpkinhead is a vengeance demon who can be summoned through a witch by a human who has been wronged in some way and wants revenge on his tormentors. The price for summoning a demon is the soul of the summoner, which the demon will take after completing the quest. Pumpkinhead can only be invoked by those who are truly pressed to take revenge, at the cost of a small amount of money delivered to the witch who is able to awaken him. Part of the reason for Pumpkinhead's name is the fact he is kept buried in a large mound in a pumpkin patch. Pumpkinhead usually must be unearthed either by the witch or the summoner, and at that point needs a bit of blood from the summoner and magic words from the witch to awaken, from that point the demon carries out whatever task he was invoked for. As this task goes on, the summoner takes on more Pumpkinhead-like qualities, and the demon likewise, as well as feel the agony Pumpkinhead's victims feel as they die.

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