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Ohmtoberfest Bunny

Ohmtoberfest Bunny

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Hi OHMily, 

My name is Rixta (@rixi_andherfavouritebeads)

I love the Bunnies very much and collected some Octo Bunnies, for example from Ohm Thailand. I’m always excited when a new bunny is released. Some time ago I had the idea of Ohmtoberfest Bunnies in my head.

With my bead design, I want to make people smile, especially the Ohmies who like the Ohmtoberfest Collection. I think sometimes playing with national and international stereotypes is funny. I just want Ohmies to have fun!
„My“ bunnies fight against too much seriousness! The „male“ bunny would wear Lederhosen and a typical Bavarian hat with a brush and the „female“ Bunny would wear a Dirndl which is traditional clothing in Bavaria. I know that this is stereotypical thinking (because people from the rest of the world often think all Germans would run around like this ;-)) . They both would of course carry a big beer glass and maybe an assaulted pretzel. I did only sketch the male Ohmtoberbunny because sketching is not really my skill!
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