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Celebrate Life - Limited Edition

Celebrate Life - Limited Edition

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The butterfly has long been a powerful symbol of new life, hope, sacrifice and transformation. We all experience different forms of death in our lives: loved ones passing, broken friendships, deep suffering, loneliness, lost jobs, poor health (and so much more). But through loss and devastation, there is always the promise of hope. Because it is only through death that new life, hope and even healing, can come.
Much time and sacrifice is endured before a caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly. The wings of CELEBRATE LIFE represent an in-flight action, symbolizing transformation and a call to action; the latter being important & necessary for new life. It doesn't just happen; we make it happen with a lot of work and sacrifice.

Celebrating life is intentional and takes hard work; it embodies light and hope. The butterfly is life. And like a butterfly, life is beautiful and precious. It’s so important to live in the moment and to celebrate life every day. The slightly darker backside of this design and the bright shiny silver front side, connote darkness to light, in that dying is always necessary for new life. Therefore, acceptance and action define the ascent from darkness to light.

The 3 stars engraved on the back of this butterfly’s wing are meant to serve as your own personal reminders of how you will celebrate life.
Embedded in the wings’ open work design, we find the OHM Symbol. It is a constant affirmation of the OHMily we share in. There is also a heart shape in the wings - a reminder that we can transform the world with love.

The amethyst heart as the centre, emphasizes our transformative love and adds an element of natural stone that represents healing and peace. It’s also purple and, not surprisingly, Rita’s favorite color! The design of this butterfly bead is intentionally whimsical and fairytale-like to help bring a little magic to our lives. Even through difficult times, and the many sacrifices, may there always be hope in the promise of new life ahead.
As you find your own meaning for CELEBRATE LIFE, I wish that this bead can always serve as that spark of hope and as a reminder to celebrate, even the little things, every day. May we always “seize” every moment. Life is short, let's celebrate it!

by Rita @acharmeddreamer
An avid bead collector and crazy Disney fan, Rita has made it her mission to share hope, make a difference, and celebrate life every day through all she does, including her social media platforms and as co-host of Charm Chat Podcast.

She’s a dreamer and has learned to never give up on her dreams, encouraging others to do the same.

Her own 3 reminders of how to “celebrate life” are: have an attitude of gratitude, put love into action and always keep dreaming. You can find Rita on Instagram and YouTube @acharmeddreamer!

This limited-edition release of CELEBRATE LIFE is part of Project OHMistry and is limited to 111 signed and serialized pieces. A certificate of authenticity is included with the special packaging designed by Rita @acharmeddreamer.


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