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Nature Nibbits - Limited Edition

Nature Nibbits - Limited Edition

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Limited Edition. 88 pieces made.

Do you believe in Miracles?

My miracle started from the day I walked through the OHM Shop in Bangkok, Thailand, and liked the many beautifully designed Beads of OHM. From that day, OHM immediately became a part of my life.

From the buyer, I became the admin of OHM Beads Lovers Facebook Group and invited my best friend, Khun Tipsuda to be the second admin who always makes our group more happier and fun. OHM Beads Lovers, which is like a family of OHM lovers who love the same thing, share ideas, and show our favorite beads.

When OHM Beads Lovers became a big family. The best opportunity has begun.

OHM Thailand gives the greatest opportunity by choosing the OHM Beads Lovers Group to cooperate with the special project, “Rainbow Heart” which make happiness and brightness for all OHMies. Then join other special projects accordingly sweet colored hearts such as Pink Treat, Love Pox, Chocoberry and bright blue-toned hearts based on Thai Mother's Day Theme are Polka Heart and Mama Blue.

The latest special project came out to melt the hearts of bee lovers. The Melting Heart has been transformed into a yellow and black stripe with a little bee under the name “Save this Bee”.

Save this Bee is Beads that are magical and inspire me to see the beauty of nature that we can adjust to Beads to bring nature closer.

How good will it be, if we could combine insects, bees, and flowers together?

From this question in my mind that is intangible. Today it has become tangible beads, they are the Queen Bee and Nature Nibbits which combines bees and insects that are so important part of nature to propagate flowers to grow and be beautiful under the concept that…

Everything that nature creates, shares, and supports each other.
All convey the Outward mindset, Harmony and Miracles.


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