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You are receiving tactile information right this second -- your fingertips touching your computer mouse or phone, your butt sitting in your chair -- and this sense of touch is so omnipresent that often forget to think about it. Did you know there are actually TWO touch systems in your brain? There’s discriminative touch which tells your brain the physical facts: location, movement, and strength of a touch. But there’s also the emotional touch system that sends your brain information about the emotional context of a touch: a warm hug from a friend, the touch of a lover, the special bond between mother and child as they cuddle.

Touch is crucial from the moment you are born. Our physical and emotional development as infants hinges on being touched and held often. Throughout life, we continue to need those important touches -- a shoulder to cry on, a vigorous handshake of congratulations, a soothing backrub, a kiss, a tickle, a caress, a warm snuggle before sleep -- but, perhaps, just as important are the nurturing touches we give to others. The best touches are a giving not a taking.

KUGUSA is the Swahili word for touch and OHM is proud to offer this new design gorgeously covered with gentle touches, both literal and emotional. This new glass bead not only evokes the leopard-like beauty of its Swahili name, but it will remind you of the joy and importance of daily touches both given and received. We need touching like we need air and water, and a nurturing touch need never be feared, for it leaves only lovely impressions of love and happiness on your skin, your heart, and your spirit.

The limited-edition release is limited to 333 serialized pieces. A certificate of authenticity is included.


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