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Have you ever walked down a dark street at night or through moonlit woods and wondered, what if monsters, werewolves, or the Boogey Man are real? Do you know what the Boogey Man looks like? Ask ten people to describe the Boogey Man, and you’ll probably get ten very different descriptions. That’s the problem with BUNYIP too.

Aboriginal Australians have told stories for centuries of a monster, or devil, that lurks in the creeks, rivers, watering holes, and swamps and lunges out unexpectedly to snatch fishers, those fetching water or washing clothes, and especially children playing alone in the water. The creature has a terrible roar and ferocious claws, but the descriptions become confusing beyond that.

Some say that the Bunyip has flippers and whiskers like a sea lion. Others say the Bunyip has feathers and a head like a horse with a long neck and the body of an alligator. Some tell stories of a sea serpent with a serrated beak like a swordfish. Others say it looks more like a dog but as big as a buffalo, with long ears and shaggy black fur. Considering that Australia is the land of the duck-billed platypus and the hopping kangaroo, really anything is possible.

Since the stories of the Bunyip go so far back into ancient history, some scientists have speculated that the Aboriginal forefathers may have encountered prehistoric creatures that are now extinct. Others say the Bunyip is a spiritual concept, like an evil spirit. And still, others say the Bunyip is a story to scare children into being good or “the Bunyip will get ya!”

Our interpretation of BUNYIP was to put together several of these ideas to make a snarling, hairy, scary beastie with long ears, wild eyes, and pointy fangs in a gaping mouth. Pretty terrifying! With BUNYIP on your bracelet, you’ll enjoy delicious shivers of satisfying terror, and you’ll have inspiration for your next scary campfire story.

Next time you’re walking through a moonlit night, listen for the sound of heavy panting just behind you. The Bunyip might be real after all.


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