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Sun Wukong (Retired)

Sun Wukong (Retired)

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Sun Wukong, also known as The Monkey King and The Victorious Fighting Buddha, is one of the most popular characters in Chinese legend, from the 16th century until now. The Monkey King was born from mountain stone and he possesses supernatural power. Each of his hairs has magical properties and can transform into clones of the Monkey King himself or into other animals or objects.

Sun Wukong with his immense strength can carry a giant staff weighing eight tons, and this special staff can change size or multiply as needed to fight in any method its master chooses. When not wielding this weapon, Sun Wukong shrinks it down to the size of a sewing needle and tucks it behind his ear.

Extremely fast, Sun Wukong can leap thirteen thousand miles in a single somersault. He has defeated the dragons of the four seas and won for himself a golden chain mail shirt, a golden circlet crown containing Phoenix feathers, and cloud-walking boots!

Labeled as a demon. He defeated the Army of Heaven’s 100,000 celestial warriors and proved himself equal to the best of Heaven’s generals. Sun Wukong ate the Peaches of Immortality, drank the Jade Emperor’s wine, and set all of the Cloud Horses free.

The Jade Emperor and the authorities of Heaven appealed to the Buddha and they imprisoned Sun Wukong for five hundred years. Once agreeing to protect a monk, Tan Sanzang, on his pilgrimage, Sun Wukong is freed. During this long journey, he learns about virtues and the teachings of the Buddha. He is granted Buddhahood and becomes the “Victorious Fighting Buddha”.

So, you see? Even a supernatural demon monkey can become a superhero and a defender of good. Up, up, and away! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no...


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