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Crescent Luna

Crescent Luna

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Each phase of the moon manifests a different energy. The NEW MOON is about new beginnings, opening new chapters, wiping the slate clean and preparing for the future. It’s about introspection and solitude.

There are three designs in this collection, CRESCENT LUNA, GIBBOUS LUNA, and QUARTER LUNA. They can be used interchangeably to create the phases.

WAXING CRESCENT is the start of the cycle. This is the time to set your intentions for the coming period. Let your love shine from inside of your heart across your future.

FIRST QUARTER is time to take action and make a leap of faith. Challenge yourself and do something. When you look up at the moon, this is the RIGHT side in light. Embrace your right brain and think creatively. Using your energy to push yourself into new an interesting territory.

WAXING GIBBOUS celebrates the momentum you have achieved thus far. Concentrate and refine your original intention; adapt and change.

FULL MOON is time to harvest. This is the time to shine your brightest. Connect with friends and family and solidify your connection to them and to nature.

WANING GIBBOUS is time to reflect and be grateful for your progress. Thank the powers that be and look inward again at yourself and your dreams.

THIRD QUARTER is time to let go. Release that in your life which is not serving you. Take a look around you and take stock.

WANING CRESCENT is about release and rest. Focusing your energy on preparing for the next cycle. You’ve been through a journey. Take some time to refuel. Watch what you eat, be mindful of where you spend time, choose wisely those that you allow into your sphere. 

NEW MOON and begin again.


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