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Remote Control (Retired)

Remote Control (Retired)

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How often have you eased back to watch your favorite TV show or a much-anticipated movie and then discovered you can't find the TV remote control? Is it between the sofa cushions? Is it behind or under the furniture? Was it absent-mindedly carried out of the room... maybe to the kitchen or bathroom? And if you want to play a video game or watch a VHS tape and need more than one remote, what then?

Maybe you remember the first TV remote control called a "Lazy Bones" in 1950 connected to the television by a wire. Another wired version in 1952 was called the "Blab-off" that turned the sound off during commercials. Or maybe you remember the "Space Command" remote of 1956 that used ultrasound to change a channel. Each time we pushed a button, the remote made a clicking sound, so most folks just called it a "clicker." Where's the clicker?

Today, your television remote sends digitally-coded pulses of infrared radiation to your electronic devices to control their functions. And with the advent of mobile devices and A.I. control, how long will remote controls devices like REMOTE CONTROL be around? In contrast, the other remote controls in your life -- garage door opener, for example -- are mostly radio remotes. Remotes are becoming like passwords: there are just too many needed to keep track of them all.

OHM has created this elegant universal remote bead to hang beautifully on your bracelet. You always know where it is.

You also always have the control to change the outcomes of your day and your life. Nobody else can push your buttons, mute your volume, or change your channel. You make the choices. Where is that pesky remote? You've got it... under control.


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