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Pteranodon Skull (Retired)

Pteranodon Skull (Retired)

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Even though Pteranodon were pterosaurs, not dinosaurs, Pteranodon are frequently associated with dinosaurs.

Unlike earlier pterosaurs, Pteranodon had toothless beaks, similar to those of birds. Pteranodon beaks were made of solid, bony margins that projected from the base of the jaws. The beaks were long, slender, and ended in thin, sharp points. The upper jaw was longer than the lower jaw. The upper jaw was curved upward.

Interesting facts:
Pteranodon means Winged and Toothless
Pteranodon probably ate mostly fish
Pteranodon's wing-span is longer than that of any known bird
Pteranodon had a crest on its head, no teeth at all, and a very short tail.


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