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OHM has been creating Sterling Silver beads, charms, and jewelry for over a decade. Collectible bits of art to last lifetimes. 

BEADMAIL Program is now open. FREE Shipping Worldwide.

Join the OHMily (OHM + Family) community and get a surprise limited edition*  BEADMAIL every month. Each BEADMAIL is engraved with a serial number and includes a certificate of authenticity. The designs are ONLY available through the BEADMAIL program.

*OHM will only produce the quantity ordered each month.

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Subscription starts at $50 a month:

Subscribe BEFORE the cutoff date to participate, today if you can say yes to any of these sentiments.

  • I enjoy the anticipation.

  • I am ok with uncertainty.

  • I am at peace with my choices.

  • I enjoy taking risks and adventures.

Duty-Free shipments for customers in Canada, Australia, Russia, Thailand, Taiwan, Brazil, USA, UK, and EU countries.

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Each BEADMAIL order period closes at 10 pm Seattle time 15 days before the 1st of the month. Order before then to be included in that production run. You will be charged at the time that you sign up. Recurring charges will be on the 1st of the month for each production run after that. 

Quantities will be tabulated after the sign-up period closes and production will begin after that. BEADMAIL packages will then ship on the 1st of the month approximately 45 days later. For example: 

Sign Up Date


Shipping on

Your Next Charge

Jun 15 10:00pm - Jul 16 9:59pm

No. 6

Sep 1

Aug 1 (for No. 7)

Jul 16 10:00pm - Aug 16 9:59pm

No. 7

Oct 1

Sep 1 (for No. 8)

Aug 16 10:00pm - Sep 15 9:59pm

No. 8

Nov 1

Oct 1 (for No. 9)

Sep 15 10:00pm - Oct 16 9:59pm

No. 9

Dec 1

Nov 1 (for No. 10)

Once you've started your subscription:

 Cancel Date* Last Charge** Last BEADMAIL you will receive Shipping On
Jul 1 - Jul 31 Jul 1 No. 7 Oct 1
Aug 1 - Aug 31 Aug 1 No. 8 Nov 1
Sep 1 - Sep 30 Sep 1 No. 9 Dec 1
Oct 1 - Oct 31 Oct 1 No. 10 Jan 1

* Annual subscriptions cannot be paused or canceled for 12 consecutive months
** We cannot refund the month that has already been charged

Subscribe at $65/month 

Gift a year of BEADMAIL to someone in your life with one payment.

All sales are final. Pause or cancel your subscription before the last day of the month to avoid incurring additional charges. 

Free Worldwide Shipping is included for all BEADMAIL orders.
One shipping address per order. 

Frequently Asked Questions

-Where can I buy it?
BEADMAIL subscriptions are available HERE

-Will everyone gets the same bead?
For the most part yes. There will be some designs that have variations. You'll have to wait and see. 

-If I subscribe to BEADMAIL for a year, does it end automatically?
The subscription will continue month-to-month at the discounted rate once the 12-month commitment has been completed. You will then have the option to pause or cancel, however, your subscription will revert to the base price when you reactivate. You may resubscribe under the annual plan at that time.

-How can I change from month-to-month to a yearly commitment subscription?
You must cancel your month-to-month BEADMAIL subscription and sign up for the yearly subscription. Visit your Manage Subscription page to view your current subscriptions or email us at support@ohmbeads.com and we'll help you out. 

-Can I get previous BEADMAIL designs like BEADMAIL No. 1? 
No. Previous designs are not available for purchase. 

-Can I use OHMbucks?
No. OhmBucks don't apply to OhmTogether orders

-Can I purchase from my local dealer?
Yes. Participating OHM Authorized Retailers may offer subscriptions directly.

-When can I join?
Now! Join at any time to start your subscription! Each BEADMAIL order period closes mid-month.

Do you love bead mail?
Do you love surprises?


OHM is a diverse team of designers, dreamers, poets and programmers, who live, work and play in the Great American Northwest. We are located in Seattle, WA – home to everyone from coffee freaks to computer geeks and healers and greens as well as orcas, tulips, farmers markets and slow food. Nestled in our raincoats, this vitamin D-deprived crew creates quirky, provocative and whimsical beads for bracelets, chains, necklaces and other accessories. Fueled by coffee and talent, OHM’s designers create stunning collections that appeal to everyone - pouring their hearts into each and every piece, while thriving on experimentation and risk. At OHM, we go where our inspiration takes us, and many times the inspiration comes from our fans on social networks. Talk to us @OhmBeads or share your photos with the hashtag #OhmBeads – we promise that you will be seen and heard! Tell us how much you love a piece or how we could have made it even better. OHM invites you to experience the beauty in our world, share the beauty in your world and become a part of the OHM Family at #Ohmily! ...

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